natural beauty

 (Melizarani T. Selva)

There is nothing natural about beauty
cause’you can squeeze it out of the bottle
for a dollar fifty

whether you are dark brown
                          or light brown
                          or sunburnt
I have the solution
to help find your Real complexion
in just 7 days

Fulfill your desire to be a man’s ultimate dream
by applying the whitening cream
Twice a day
if it burns, it’s a good thing
means it’s bleaching
your skin from poor to rich

Whiter the better
it’s the new brown
In fact, the colour of purity
is the paler shade of poverty
and the girl who gets the dowry
is Fair and Lovely

Unless you’re already married,
then lighten to frighten envious eyes
your clean face, for his clean love
is fair compromise
Such is the complexity of complexion
but remember ladies
life is unfair unless you’re fair!

cos’beauty is only skin deep